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The perfect fit

The perfect fit

Flter works with any router/modem, no set-up required. Flter is ready right out of the box to provide privacy and security and protect your home from malicious ads.

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Easily configured

Easily configured

Our beautiful interface allows you to easily switch between connection modes or configure more advanced settings.

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  • VPN support

    Flter provides VPN security to all your devices simultaneously. Even gaming consoles and media players.

  • Blocking

    Flter blocks ads, trackers, malware, and telemetry services at the router level. This protection is provided to every connected device.

  • Wi-Fi

    Connecting to Flter couldn't be easier. You can connect your devices via Wi-Fi or Ethernet port on the back.

  • Website protection

    Active web protection keeps you safe from fake or malicious websites that try to harm your computer or steal information.

  • Auto updates

    All lists and security features are kept up-to-date automatically. You can select what you want updated or turn this feature off entirely.

  • Apps

    We are working hard to create an ecosystem of apps that run on Flter. Developers can create easily installed plugins for added functionality.


How do I connect Flter?

Setting up Flter in your home couldn’t be easier. Connect Flter between your modem and router, plug in the power and it’s all set up. Have a 2-1 modem? No problem! Just plug Flter into an ethernet port and it’s built-in WiFi is accessible up to 900 square feet.

Can I use Flter’s Premium VPN service to connect to my devices individually?

Yes, you can. Our VPN service and other security products can be used on any device, not just Flter.

Can I add my own blocklists to Flter?

Yes, you can create your own lists and even whitelist sites if you choose. Flter automatically maintains lists of known ad networks and trackers. Unlike conventional ad blockers, these requests are stopped before they even reach your computer. Flter blocks these from being delivered on all of the devices in your home.

Is there a limit to the number of devices that can connect to Flter?

Flter will work with all the devices in your home.

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